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Mike Chioda Reveals “The Strangest Place” He’s Had To Count A Pinfall

Mike Chioda

Long-time WWE referee Mike Chioda has discussed the strangest place he ever had to count a pinfall during his time as the man in the middle of thousands of matches.

Chioda was talking on his Mailbag Monday show available via AdFreeShows.com. Taking fan questions, Chioda was asked where the strangest place he ever had to make a count was.

He was reminded of the time he had to attempt to count a fall that was taking place in a dumpster. The match in question was a hardcore affair between Al Snow and Hardcore Holly at Backlash 1999.

Chioda responded:

“Yeah, I’d have to say that was one of the weirdest places where I had to count three. Probably, I would have to say one of those pudding matches with the girls or something too. You gotta stand in it, count in it, your gear’s all messed up. But yeah, I’d say the dumpster was one of the weirdest places I’ve had to count, that’s for sure. They didn’t clean the dumpster too well either.”

The match in question saw Al Snow win the Hardcore Championship from Holly. The two men fought through the arena and parking lot with Holly throwing Snow off some stairs into the dumpster. His pinfall attempt amongst the trash only got a two-count. The match culminated in Snow using his trusty mannequin Head on Holly to win the title in the ring.

Mike Chioda who has most recently been seen on AEW television also discussed rocket launchers being fired towards an ongoing WWE event.

Credit: Mailbag Monday With Mike Chioda via AdFreeShows.com

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