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Mike Chioda Reveals Strange Rule For WWE Referees

Mike Chioda

Mike Chioda has opened about about some of the rules and regulations surrounding WWE referees.

Speaking on the Monday Mailbag podcast on AdFreeShows, Chioda revealed that there’s a high-limit for WWE’s in-ring officials. The long-serving referee said that the upper limit for talent was around six-feet, noting that it wouldn’t look good to have referees towering over wrestlers.

“I’m six-foot, I think there’s maybe like one referee who’s who’s maybe six-one. I think Chad’s [Patton] about six foot and everybody else is pretty much smaller, so no more than six-foot. I think the top you’re gonna get is six-foot and so it should be.”

“You don’t wanna be looking as tall as the wrestlers, even though they’re six-foot they look jacked. They’re all jacked up looking good, but your referees should not be towering over your talent that’s for sure.”

Chidoa was then asked if specific referees were used for cruiserweight matches where the wrestlers are notably smaller. The former WWE official said that while he oversaw cruiserweight matches in the past, and his height didn’t make much difference, it would be different for “top guys.”

“I used to do some cruiserweight matches, title matches or whatever. I have done that, where I am a lot taller than the boys. We’d only have so many refs, so you didn’t want these two referees doing all the matches, because of size. So I’d definitely go in there and do the matches and it didn’t really affect it.”

“I think for the top talent, you don’t want your referee, six-three, six-four when your talent is six-one, six-two.”

Elsewhere on the episode, Mike Chioda recalled the maddest he’s ever seen Vince McMahon. Chioda revealed that McMahon was “p*ssed” during the match between Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon at King of the Ring 2001. Part way through the match, Angle tried to throw McMahon through part of the set which was made of glass.

However, Shane didn’t go through the glass which meant Angle had to try multiple times. Chioda said that Vince was upset because he thought he was ignoring him, when in reality he was telling Angle to stop but Angle couldn’t hear him. All the while, Shane was telling Angle to throw him at the glass again.

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