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Mike Chioda Reveals One Of The Biggest Pet Peeves Of Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

While Stephanie McMahon recently revealed why Vince McMahon hates sneezing and nodding, former WWE referee Mike Chioda has lifted the lid on another pet peeve of the WWE Chairman.

Answering questions on ‘Monday Mailbag’ – which is available on AdFreeShows, Chioda detailed the one thing that McMahon hates the most during matches.

The long-time WWE referee was asked about wrestlers rolling back into the ring to break a referees count and then rolling back to the outside. It was suggested that it’s something that rarely happens in modern WWE, before Chioda went on to explain why that’s the case.

“That’s one of Vince’s pet peeves. He hates that the most. That’s one thing that he does not like. When you roll out, just mess with the ref and roll back in. Usually he wants someone to roll back in, in the ropes and go ack out the other side. You know, especially if a wrestler or two wrestlers are outside, one comes in to break the count, he should just back off, come in the ring, get back into the centre, I go back, the referee will go back through the ropes to get the other talent back in, and next thing you know, he shoots back out the other side.”

Chioda, who worked for WWE for 31 years, expanded further, revealing that it symbolised an old school mentality that Vince McMahon and WWE were trying to move away from.

“It was one of Vince’s pet peeves. He just didn’t want the wrestlers to break… that was such old school stuff and he was trying to get away from that.”

“We tried to get away from that old school mentality, just roll in, roll back out, roll in, roll back out. I never believe in that because when you roll in, and a referee would go to the talent there, there referee should always keep counting, because you’re counting the other guy. You’re counting for a double count-out. But that’s one thing that we’ve veered away from, is doing that old school mentality.”

During a previous episode of the show, Mike Chioda described what he would have done differently the Montreal Scewjob.

Credit: Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda via AdFree Shows

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