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Mike Chioda Recalls Roman Reigns Kicking Enzo Out The Locker Room

Roman Reigns

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda has detailed the occasion when Roman Reigns took on the role of locker room leader and sent Enzo Amore packing.

Enzo Amore found a great deal of success with Big Cass beginning on the NXT brand in WWE. The pair debuted together on the main roster on the Raw after WrestleMania 32 in 2016. Brash and loud, Amore’s catchphrases caught fire with the WWE audience but rumours spread about his relationships with his fellow WWE Superstars. One star Amore seemingly rubbed up the wrong way was one of the leaders of the locker room, Roman Reigns.

Wrestling locker rooms are places where respect and etiquette reign supreme. With stories often told that new stars should always shake hands and introduce themselves to the veterans of the locker room to pay them appropriate deference.

On his Monday Mailbag show [available at AdfreeShows.com] Mike Chioda recalled some times when this didn’t happen including Roman Reigns pulling rank on Amore and banishing him from the locker room.

Chioda said:

“You’ve just got to be respectful in certain ways, Enzo was a big part of that where Enzo walked around like his sh*t didn’t stink. I love Enzo man, he’s a good dude, Jersey boy as well. He got some heat too, couldn’t dress in the locker room, couldn’t dress here, and that was Roman Reigns taking care of that. I remember Enzo come walking in TV and I’m like ‘What the hell are you doing, you dressing in here bro?’ And he goes ‘Yeah, do you guys mind’ and I said ‘No, not at all, what’s up?’ [Enzo said] ‘Oh f*ck I got heat!’ [Laughs] I was like what else is new? I said ‘From who, the office?’ He’s like ‘No, worse, Roman.’ I’m like ‘What?! Oh f*ck that’s the last one you want heat from.'”

Roman Reigns showed why he is The Head Of The Table once again at Money In The Bank as he defeated Edge to retain his WWE Universal Championship. Reigns however did get a surprise following his victory.

Credit: Monday Mailbag via AdFreeShows.com

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