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Mike Chioda Recalls ‘Relieving Himself’ Under The Ring

Mike Chioda

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda has revealed the surprising truth of what happened when nature called during a match he was officiating.

Chioda was answering questions on his ‘Mailbag With Mike Chioda’ show available on AdFree Shows. A fan wrote in to ask if Chioda ever had to relieve himself during a match.

Surprisingly, the answer was yes as Chioda explained what happened:

“Oh yeah, I went right under the ring and came right back up. [Laughing] That happened one time. Gotta do what you gotta do, gotta take the leak, gotta do it.”

Mike Chioda went on to say that the camera operators at ringside have it worse as they can be working for hours without a break. Incredibly Chioda divulged that in amongst the ladder, tables and sledgehammers there were sometimes even urinals under the ring.

Chioda stated:

“I feel sorry for those camera guys when they’re out there for four, five hours straight. Rico and Marty Millar back in the day. They used to go under the ring and have urinals sometimes. Especially when you’re doing like pay-per-views, like WrestleMania for hours and hours. They didn’t have alternate camera guys that would take over. They would have to be out there for hours.”

Legendary announcer Jim Ross has previously discussed his preference of wearing dark trousers due to the same concerns. Current WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard once discussed the topic on his Something To Wrestle With podcast, saying:

“Jim Ross has peed his pants, yes. You’re out there for four f***ing hours and you gotta p*ss. It’s not like you can take a break and go back and p*ss. You gotta pee, you gotta pee. That’s why you wear black.”

Credit: Mailbag With Mike Chioda via AdFree Shows

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