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Mike Chioda Recalls Most Impressive Feat Of Strength He’s Seen

Mike Chioda

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda has opened up about the most incredible feat of strength he’s seen across his long-tenured career as the third man in the ring.

Chioda was answering questions on ‘Monday Mailbag’ which is available on AdFreeShows and named John Cena, noting the 16-time World Champion picking up Big Show, before adding Lesnar’s name to the mix.

“I’d have to say John Cena is one of them. Picking up Big Show sometimes for that FU. Woo! Brock Lesnar, unbelievable strength in the ring.”

Chioda added that a lot of the talents he saw back in the ’90s had unbelievable strength, naming Tugboat, Earthquake and Rick Rude.

“Back in the day, there was a lot of big guys with unbelievable strength. Guys like TugBoat and Earthquake really unbelievable strength. Rick Rude he had some unbelievable strength, that guy was chiselled.”

The legendary referee reiterated Lesnar and Cena, for being able to lift Big Show, as two of the best.

“Great strength, top of the line, it’s Brock, Cena he can squat some pounds. When you can pick up Big Show like that, I’ve seen Brock and John do it, that’s pretty powerful stuff.”

On a previous episode of Monday Mailbag, Chioda also opened up about the gift which Undertaker said was one of the best he’d ever received.

Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy recently caught up with the veteran referee to ask about his role in the Montreal Screwjob, as well as his personal relationship with Vince McMahon and how much the WWE CEO instructs referees.

“I mean, Vince had a lot of confidence in me. He had a lot of confidence in me. The only time he would get on me would be about another referee and say, ‘Hey, I need you to talk to this guy and talk to these referees and make sure this doesn’t happen again.’ But as far as Vince, you know, great business relationship with them and more of a relationship with Shane McMahon years ago over the years. But my relationship with Vince was great backstage. Like I said, he had confidence in me. The only time he’d get on me would be about another referee not doing their job.”

Credit: Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda via AdFree Shows

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