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Mike Chioda Recalls Hilarious WWE Bet With A Painful Stake

Mike Chioda

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda has told an incredible story of a bet involving Jonathan Coachman racing long-time ring announcer Tony Chimel.

A challenge was laid down between Jonathan Coachman and Tony Chimel for a race over a mile between the two men. Coach gave Chimel a 60 second headstart but unbeknownst to Coach, Chimel had been in training for the race and ended up delivering one of the greatest upsets in WWE history.

Long-time WWE referee Mike Chioda relived the race with WWE Hall Of Famers Gerald Brisco and JBL on their Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw:

“I thought Chimel would lose that race like you wouldn’t believe. [Chimel] was working out at the time, he was working out for that race because he’d go down to the gym and I’d be like ‘damn I can’t believe you went down to the gym already.’ He’s like doing cardio, cardio, cardio, he did not want to lose.”

“I believe [the race] was for like 100 push-ups at anywhere, anytime you wanted them.”

Gerald Brisco added that the spectators for the race included those at the very top of the company who actually shut down production to watch how it unfolded:

“It’s hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour to run one of those production companies at a TV shoot. Here, Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn actually closed down production for an hour, two hours, to go watch this contest between these two overweight backstage guys running around a track for a mile. They actually stopped production so everybody could go out there and enjoy it.”

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