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Mike Chioda Recalls Batista & Chris Benoit Brawling With Kickboxers

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Former veteran WWE referee Mike Chioda has recounted what happened when WWE Superstars found themselves in a fight with a group of kickboxers.

Chioda was the man in the middle of some of WWE’s biggest matches throughout his thirty-plus year career with the company. Having just about seen it all in that time, Mike Chioda told the tale of when the stars of WWE found themselves sharing a hotel with a gaggle of kickboxers during a tour of the UK in 2005.

Speaking to Jason Romero of Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Chioda recalled the mayhem in Manchester:

“Somebody said something to somebody and they cleared away, and the next thing you know a big fight broke out. Everybody was running off the bus, we were all fighting, dudes just throwing around, and it was a good old time there. It was Batista in that brawl, Benoit was in that brawl. Everybody, everybody was just all over the place because it was a good amount of guys. It was about 20-something guys [kickboxers] and there was about 20-something of us.”

Chioda continued, saying that Head Of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis stepped in the middle of the carnage to try and break it up. When all was said and done though no WWE star found themselves worse off financially after the altercation.

Mike Chioda then explained:

“I remember Johnny Laurinaitis running, ‘Guys, guys, guys, stop, stop.’ But yeah, all hell broke loose after that for a little while and everything calmed down. No, no [no one got fined], we were just protecting our buddies. Whoever got into the fight in the beginning when he walked into the lobby, we’re tired and grizzled and they were drunk and fired up, and it fired us right up. That’s it.”

Credit: Wrestling Shoot Interviews

h/t Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription