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Mike Chioda On What Made Vince McMahon The Maddest He’s Ever Seen

Vince McMahon

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda has discussed the match that caused WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to be the angriest he had ever seen.

Chioda worked for WWE for over thirty years as the man in the middle of some of the company’s most iconic matches. One of those matches caused Vince McMahon to be the angriest Mike Chioda had ever seen the boss.

As Chioda explains on Monday Mailbag [available at AdFreeShows.com], McMahon possibly had good reason to be so angry as he could only watch what was unfolding during one brutal match.

Chioda explained:

“I’d have to say probably during the Kurt Angle/Shane [McMahon] match at King Of The Ring, he was p*ssed, he was upset man because Kurt was trying to put [Shane] through that glass.”

“I had the match and I remember Kurt couldn’t hear me, he was deaf in one ear. I was yelling, cussing, ‘Don’t do it again, don’t do it again!’ Kurt just kept trying to put him through the glass and finally did it. It was a hell of a match, I see [Vince] was p*ssed off that night at everybody, including me because he thought I wasn’t listening to him but I was telling Kurt ‘Don’t do it’ but Shane’s like ‘Do it, do it again! Do it again!’ and Kurt’s not hearing me and it was a lot of chaos that night.”

“[…] There’s a lot of nights I’ve seen [Vince] p*ssed and there’s a lot of nights I’ve seen him happy but mostly I’ve seen him p*ssed off at Gorilla.”

The Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle match lives on in wrestling folklore twenty years after it happened due to the brutality of the Olympic gold medallist repeatedly trying to suplex Shane through glass that was part of the stage. Angle recently named McMahon as the opponent he’d have loved to have had a retirement match against if his body could still stand up to the punishment the two men put each other through.

Credit: Monday Mailbag With Mike Chioda via AdFreeShows.com

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