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Mike Chioda On The Perils Of Refereeing & The Injuries He’s Suffered

Triple H Referee

Former WWE official Mike Chioda has discussed the risks involved in refereeing as he describes the worst injuries he’s suffered in the wrestling ring.

Chioda was answering questions on his Monday Mailbag show [available at AdFreeShows.com] when he was asked about injuries he has suffered during his thirty-plus year career as the man in the middle.

The veteran official recalled one incident when he was knocked out during a match featuring former Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson.

Chioda explained:

“That one with Ahmed Johnson, I wasn’t knocked out I just couldn’t feel my body. I sniffed the nerve there almost boy that was a jolt and I couldn’t feel my body for a little while.”

“I got concussed quite a few times, broken nose and all that stuff. Teeth broken, yeah I mean elbowed in the face, I’ve got about eight crowns in my mouth at least from wrestling. […] I gotta say the Rock/Austin one, that chair shot, it almost knocked me out, you know I had some bells for a few days.”

Although Mike Chioda doesn’t clarify which Rock/Austin match he means, he was the official for part of their WrestleMania XV main event for the WWF Championship. After Stone Cold had kicked out of the Rock Bottom, a desperate People’s Champ introduced a steel chair to try and put his challenger away. Austin gained control of the chair and while swinging for his opponent, he missed and cracked Chioda squarely on the head. It was a bad night for referees as Chioda’s replacement Tim White suffered his own Rock Bottom before Earl Hebner was taken out by Vince McMahon. This allowed the match’s original referee Mankind to make his return after being taken to hospital earlier in the night and count the fall for Austin’s title victory.

Credit: Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda via AdFreeShows.com

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