Mike Chioda On Refereeing An Infamous Match Featuring The Undertaker That Almost Went “Really Really Wrong”

The Undertaker

At WWE Super ShowDown in 2019 The Undertaker and Goldberg met in what was supposed to be something of a dream match featuring two legends. The two men became icons in their respective companies during the Monday Night Wars in the 1990’s and many never imagined a match between the two would ever happen.

As it turned out, come the final bell, even two the WWE Hall of Famer’s regretted how the action had unfolded. During the early stages of the match Goldberg knocked himself out, meaning The Undertaker, who by his own admission was well past his prime, had to guide him through the match. The end result was a botched Tombstone spot, while Goldberg came within inches of breaking ‘Taker’s neck while hitting the Jackhammer.

Speaking on The Last Ride, The Undertaker said that the match was “nearly catastrophic,” while his wife and former WWE star Michelle McCool described the bout as a “train wreck.”

Mike Chioda Admits Goldberg Vs The Undertaker Nearly Went “Really F*cking Wrong.”

Veteran referee Mike Chioda was in the ring on that infamous night in Saudi Arabia, for what turned out to be his last WWE appearance. Speaking on Mailbag Monday with AdFreeShows, Chioda recalled watching the match unfold, and fearing that things could go incredibly wrong.

“Thank God we got through it. So, that match was, you know, because [Goldberg] had gassed himself. He did [the head injury] first. He did it first, but he struggled and it got worse as the match went.”

He continued, “So, and I was just communicating with Taker right then at that point. So Taker was totally in control that point and he was taking care of him. He was taking care of Goldberg good… That was something that could’ve really, really f**king wrong.”

The Undertaker only wrestled three more matches after the near-disaster in Saudi Arabia, finally bringing down the curtain on his illustrious career at WrestleMania 36. Meanwhile, Goldberg has continued to wrestle on a semi-regular basis, although he has no matches remaining on his current WWE deal.

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