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Mike Bailey On Kevin Owens – “His Brain Just Works Differently”

Speedball Mike Bailey

During an interview with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey discussed the performers he has learnt the most from during his time as an independent wrestler performing in Canada, Mexico, Japan, The UK and more!

Bailey would state that he has had several moments in wrestling where his expectations and perceived understanding of the sport were shattered whilst sharing the ring with incredible talent, naming Kevin Owens, formerly Kevin Steen, as one such athlete.

Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart, Mike Bailey recalled an analogy told from his Taekwondo coach regarding the importance of always learning and progressing in sport and life:

“The belts in taekwondo go white, yellow, green, blue, red and then black. My coach would always say that green belt was the worst belt because it’s when you start thinking, you know things, blue, you then realize you don’t. And I think that happens a lot in wrestling.

A lot of people like. Early on in their career. Think, OK, I’ve figured this out and then wrestle somewhere like, oh, boy, I do not have it. And then eventually it happens again and then you’re constantly reproving yourself wrong and put in different scenarios that challenge your beliefs. But it’s happened to me. Lord knows how many times.”

Bailey continued, naming matches with Kevin Owens and Kenny Omega as well as his time in Japan as a selection of moments that caused him to reevaluate what he thought he knew about professional wrestling:

“Like the first few matches I had with Kevin Steen, where Kevin Owens now, where I very much realized, wow, OK, his brain just works differently. He gets it. And then eventually working with Kenny Omega was like, wow, OK, I want to understand what this guy understands and then getting to Japan and saying, OK, wow, this is why things work the way they do. And I assume that if I do at some point start wrestling like on television, I’ll have the same.

Not that my expectations are that I know anything about wrestling on television or that world. But I assume it’ll be the same experience.”

You can read the full interview with ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey over at ITRWrestling.com, during our chat with Mike he would discuss the impact of COVID-19 on his training, his contract status amidst WWE rumours and why ChocoPro is revolutionising wrestling.

Thank you to Mike for his time, you can support him via his social media or over on Twitch where he streams regularly with partner and fellow athlete Veda Scott.

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