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Mideon Enters Favourite Chef Competition

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Former WWF Tag Team Champion Dennis ‘Mideon’ Knight has entered The Favourite Chef contest at favchef.com.

Knight, who was also known as Phineas Godwinn in the World Wrestling Federation, stepped away from professional wrestling for good in 2012 to pursue his dream of becoming a full time chef in his home of Clearwater, Florida, and becoming a star on the Food Network channel.

The Favourite Chef contest, of which Knight is currently ranked seventh in his particular group, awards $50,000 prize money to its victor with which the former WWF European Champion plans to open his own YouTube cooking channel where he cooks and chats with old wrestling cohorts.

Speaking to the host of the show, Knight orated that winning the competition could change his entire life after toiling for nearly two decades to perfect his craft:

“Help my nieces and nephews with college and other rites of passage as they grow up. I plan to put the rest of the money to get my YouTube cooking show started. I will teach cooking and talk with my famous friends (like The Rock, Undertaker and Stone Cold!!) about where and what they eat on the road and at home. I’d also love to do a Triple D like show about how we eat on the road! ….and with whatever is left horror movie memorabilia…to add to my Exorcist stuff!! P.S please vote 4-Me …”

When asked about how long he’d been cooking, the former hog farmer revealed that his entire life had been about food with his grandparents owning a restaurant that allowed him to experiment:

“My entire life! My grandparents had a restaurant!! My grandpap was a butcher and my Nana was a hospital dietitian but I didn’t get super seriously into fine dining when I retired from WWE and met my Yoda-Chef Chris Ponte!”

Voting for The Favourite Chef closes on Thursday at 6pm PST and you can vote for Dennis Knight at the following link.

Though he left professional wrestling behind for good eight years prior, Knight made a special appearance at WWE Survivor Series 2020 on November 22 in order to bid a final farewell to his best friend and wrestling legend, The Undertaker.

Credit for the interview: The Favourite Chef

h.t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.