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Mickie James – “There’s An Ocean Of Female Talent Out There”

The Four Horsewomen

In a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE Superstar Mickie James cast her eye over the current state of women’s wrestling.

James who is set to work as Executive Producer on NWA’s upcoming all-women’s pay-per-view EMPOWERRR, said that the world’s female stars are now too good to be ignored.

The former Women’s Champion explained that while women’s wrestling has always ebbed and flowed, everyone at every company has stepped up in recent years.

“I feel like it has all gone through ebbs and flows. I watched women in the industry and it’s always done this kind of we take it seriously then it’s right back down to bra and panties. Then it’s back about the wrestling and we go back down and it’s Divas. Then we take it back up and now it’s about the wrestling again. There is a ripple but it’s not like the roller coaster it was. I think that everyone at every company has stepped up in developing their women’s division.”

James continued, adding that the talent among female wrestlers gave wrestling companies no choice but to feature them more prominently.

“But honestly they have no choice, because the women are so good now. Before, you might have had only a handful of good female talent. Now, there’s an ocean of female talent out there that can go, that’s the real difference maker. I think that’s a testament to all that groundwork and all that pavement treaded by every single female before us. It has taken us a long time to get to that space where people go ‘No, Women’s wrestling kicks ass.'”

Mickie James enjoyed considerable success with WWE through the mid-to late 2000’s, memorably feuding with the likes of Trish Stratus. James would eventually leave the company in 2010 before returning in 2016, initially working in NXT.

The star remained with WWE until being released on April 15th 2021. Reflecting on her release, James said that she had expected to end her career with WWE.

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