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Mickie James Status Update [Exclusive]

Mickie James

Several reports have arisen over the past day, stating that Mickie James has “quietly retired” following her appearance at RAW Legends Night.

Despite the six-time Women’s Champion still being listed on WWE.com as a current WWE Superstar, it had been reported that Mickie James had quietly been removed from the “active” roster and may have retired.

Inside The Ropes has learned that, in fact, those reports simply aren’t true. Mickie James is still an active performer in WWE and has been cleared to wrestle following an injury sustained in October.

James had suffered a broken nose in October, and had later spoken out about not being used by the company.

“So, [I] legit broke my nose in a match, and now I can’t wrestle for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t severe. It wasn’t like my nose was blasted across my face. It was more like a curve and I can’t breathe out the one side and I’ll be honest, I thought it was gonna be a lot more painful, to get it fixed. It was more like pressure to get it fixed. It honestly feels like I have this sinus pressure headache, kind of allergy for the last couple of weeks. My nose was dislocated in a way that my cartilage was dislocated away from my nasal cavity so they had to relocate it back.”

Despite not being drafted in the WWE Draft late in 2020, WWE.com still lists Mickie James as a member of the RAW roster on the desktop site, but a SmackDown Superstar on the mobile app . A recent WWE on Fox tier list would grade the WWE Superstar as a member of the SmackDown roster. Mickie James wasn’t the only talent left undrafted, as former United States Champion Andrade was not officially allocated to RAW or SmackDown either.

Mickie James would appear on last night’s RAW as part of Legend Night. Full results are available here.