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Mickie James Praises Sasha Banks & Naomi Over Raw Walkout

Mickie James Sasha Banks Naomi

Mickie James voiced support for Sasha Banks and Namoi after they walked out of Raw on Monday.

On Monday night it was reported by PWInsider that the main event of Monday Night Raw had to be changed when Sasha Banks and Naomi left the arena ahead of the show due to Banks’ frustration over creative plans. The match in question was meant to be a six-pack challenge to determine the next contender for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship and was set to feature Sasha Banks, Naomi, Becky Lynch, Nikki ASH, Doudrop, and the recently-returned Asuka.

According to the report, Banks met with Vince McMahon to express her creative concerns, but the WWE Chairman refused to change plans and she made the decision to walk out instead of participating in the match. Her tag team partner Naomi went with her, leading to a segment on the show where Becky Lynch confronted Adam Pearce and the main event was changed to Becky Lynch vs. Asuka, which Asuka eventually won.

Since that night, many in the wrestling world have had their say on the situation. While some reports have spoken about a harsh reaction to Sasha Banks, calling her a “mark” and a “diva,” others have voiced their support.

The latest to speak out in praise of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions is former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James, who recently appeared on Busted Open Radio, hosted by Tommy Dreamer.

“Sasha is a star. ‘Oh, are other companies going to be worried about working with them?’ No, because they are stars. You can’t take away from the value that they have a being over and merchandise sales and talent and ability and love and passion for the business.

“That’s probably more about what this is, unpacking it all, if they were pouring their love into something and feeling like it wasn’t valued. That’s very frustrating. We can all understand being frustrated at time. I’m sure we’ve all had our gripes. You think it’s the power of social media, but WWE is the one that pulled the trigger on letting the cat out of the bag. People are only hearing that one side of it.”

After Tommy Dreamer responded and questioned whether WWE could trust working with the pair after their actions on Monday Night, Mickie James continued.

“When you go, ‘they made a stand for them, but the machine keeps going.’ That’s a reality of when things get to this point, not a lot of people stand up for themselves. I think there is a lot of times where people want to say something or feel a certain way or do something and feel justified in feeling that way, as they should, however they don’t say anything and they put a smile on and walk out there and do a job, whether they like it or not. We’ve all done that.

That’s another reason why I applaud them for standing up for themselves. It is a big statement and it’s unfortunate that they felt the need to get to that level and it’s unfortunate that you don’t hear people standing up for themselves and it gets to that point that it gets to.”

Tommy Dreamer then brought up the fact that money could solve some of the issues, and Mickie James responded by pointing out that the pay scale is different for women in WWE than it is for men.

“The pay scale for men and women are very different. I don’t know what the money actually is. It’s way different. When you say, ‘the tag titles are booked like midcard titles,’ I feel like the women have always been seen as lower to midcard level of the boys. Even the top female stars, I don’t think it’s ever been true equality in the pay structure. When you say, ‘it’s about the money,’ one, money can’t buy happiness. If you’re frustrated and not happy, sometimes it does take a break and you need a reset.”

Sasha Banks and Naomi have not yet commented on the situation.

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