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Mickie James On Rumble Moment With Charlotte – “It Was So Amazing”

Charlotte Flair

Mickie James has described how it felt finally sharing the ring for the first time with Charlotte Flair in the women’s 2021 Royal Rumble match.

Mickie James is a former 4-time WWE Women’s Champion as well as holding the Diva’s Title once.She returned to WWE in 2017, being an active part of the women’s roster for most of that time.James, however, had not shared a ring with another multiple-time women’s champion until the 2021 Royal Rumble – Charlotte Flair.

Speaking on the latest episode of GAW.TV with So Cal Val and another Rumble entrant, Victoria, Mickie James shared her thoughts on sharing a moment with Charlotte in the Rumble match.

James described:

“What was amazing was there was this organic moment that happened between Charlotte and I because we teed it up at the Rumble Roundtable because Ashley and I, we’ve never even been in the same ring together. We’ve never been across the ring from each other. On the same team. Nothing.

We’ve never touched and to finally have this moment which happened organically, because we were like, well, if we could see if it would make it work, and then she had her stuff because she was obviously in the final couple, five or whatever, and I’m just kind of there. I’m like, if it happens it happens, I have some ideas if it happens, but then we never got to it and we’re just like, oh. But then amazingly, in the midst of my little comeback getting kind of weirded out, it happened to make this one little moment transpire.”

“I wish it would have been orchestrated because there could have been a serious bit of magic that happened if we would have been able to have that space to do it, but the fact that it was just kind of placed in front of this from the universe going like, but like it was just so amazing. It was just, dude, it was great!”

Mickie James was effusive in her praise of ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair. She also commented on the pressure Charlotte is under:

“She’s so good. Love that woman. I love and have so much respect for her. Not just because of Ric, who we love. He’s so dear and near to our hearts, but I’ve seen that girl grow up…and I’m like, nobody puts the pressure on themselves like that woman does in the business. To be second-generation, but not just second-generation, but second-generation to the greatest ever. The legit G.O.A.T. That’s an immense amount of pressure. Nobody can put pressure on it, like I feel a special place in my heart because she works so hard.”

Mickie James also discussed having new gear made for the Rumble; marking a transition away from her trademark bell bottoms.

Credit: GAW.TV

h/t Fightful for the transcription