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Mickie James Claims Nixed WWE Story Could Have Rivaled Infamous Trish Stratus Feud

Mickie James Chelsea Green

Former WWE Superstar Mickie James has discussed a potential feud in WWE that never got going that could have rivaled her memorable storyline with Trish Stratus.

Mickie James was originally introduced to WWE fans back in 2005 as the deranged superfan of then WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. James began copying Stratus’ moveset in the ring and became more and more obsessed with the Canadian star as time went on.

Eventually, the storyline took a turn to the Attitude Era as James attempted to kiss Stratus. When Trish Stratus rebuffed James’ advances once again after the pair won a tag team match at Saturday Night’s Main Event, Mickie James snapped and attacked her one-time idol.

This led to a memorable WWE Women’s Title match at WrestleMania 22 where James defeated Trish Stratus to begin the first of her five reigns as WWE Women’s Champion.

Speaking to Metro, Mickie James discussed going back to the future towards the end of her latest run in WWE with Chelsea Green. A storyline was pitched with Green playing an obsessed fan with James taking over the Stratus role from years before. According to James, the story could have been “magical:”

“Within the pitch of Chelsea Green on the way out, it would’ve been a perfect, magical re-circling way to build Chelsea and elevate her and make her a star as I was transitioning to find my foot into this other [backstage] role.”

“For me, I felt like it was the perfect set of business but didn’t seem to hit on that level, and whatever. I don’t wanna say, ‘I get it,’ because I don’t get it. I know that that story would have been money and I know that would have ended up probably rivaling Trish and I’s angle because it was going to mimic and mirror it, but in a different capacity so well.”

Mickie James continued, talking about the frustrations involved in pitching a story only to see it eventually be given to other competitors:

“When you pitch an idea and you know and believe it’s really good, and they kinda ho-hum it, or they’ll thumbs down it a bit but then they used the exact same idea for someone else.”

“I just hope that when those ideas if they’re used on someone else, that that person can either deliver better than I was going to – which a lot of times they don’t, or sometimes they do – or that they tell it the right away, or tell it in a way that means something to the people.”

Mickie James is currently the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion after she defeated Deonna Purrazzo for the gold at Bound For Glory in October 2021.