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“Mickie James Is A Legend, Inside & Outside The Ring” – Chelsea Green

Chelsea & Mickie

The release of Chelsea Green from her WWE contract was perhaps one of the most shocking of the many talents departing the company this year – with the Canadian star having not really been given the chance to shine on SmackDown. During her short time on the blue brand, Green and Mickie James – who was also released from the company – had been seemingly working an angle on social media that seemed certain to play out on television.

Following her WWE release, Chelsea Green told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy just how far that angle had gotten, and of her admiration for six-time Women’s Champion James.

“I mean, she’s an absolute legend, like inside and outside of the ring, and not just with wrestling, but her personality. She’s so friggin’ cool. When we found out we were going to do that, her and I were… Oh, my gosh, we were so excited. Trish knew about it.”

Green went on to say how it feels like a missed opportunity for a variety of reasons, but that she hopes that storyline can continue, if James wants it to.

“I just think, like, ‘Oh, talk about missed opportunity.’ That is like the meeting of all the worlds – an older wrestler, a newer wrestler, IMPACT, WWE. Like, it would have been so perfect for the fans and such a treat that you would have been so shocked by. So it’s so upsetting. I know that, with her being released as well, there’s still a possibility and a future for that storyline. We just have to figure out where, and if that’s something that she still wants.”

You can read the full interview here.

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