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Mickie James Changed Attire As Flares Made Her Look “Childish”

Mickie James

Mickie James returned to action during the Women’s Royal Rumble Match at the end of January after several months on the sidelines – entering the Royal Rumble without her trademark bell-bottoms.

James has been wearing flared trousers in the ring, or even bell-bottom attachments to her kickpads, for much of her career. However, over the past few years, the legendary WWE Superstar has appeared on-screen without the wide-legged attire a few times. Well, there is reasoning behind the decision, as James discussed on the latest episode of GAW TV.

“I had him [Adolfo Canaca] work and design, we worked together kind of, designed this gear. Obviously, we sent to it Rick Michaels to do a lot of the crystal and reinforce for wrestling purposes because he usually does all my gear.

The six-time Women’s Champion went on to say that she wanted to “evolve” into the woman she has become, with the attire representing that.

“I had been saving it for a special moment, thinking heel turn or something, just to present, to step away from the bell-bottoms and step more into the grown-ass woman that I truly am. Because, I felt like, as much as I like the bell-bottoms, and the flares and all this stuff and how big it makes everything look, I felt like it still made me look a bit childish in a way and it wasn’t who I was today. That evolution. I was just trying to find out how can I still embrace everything that I am and have Mickie James flair on it. I need bells and whistles. Fringe!”

James’ return at the Royal Rumble may have came as a surprise to some if they read reports that Mickie James had been “quietly removed” from the WWE roster following her appearance on RAW Legends Night. However, here at Inside The Ropes, we confirmed that was, in fact, untrue and that the six-time Women’s Champion would be returning to the ring.

James entered the Royal Rumble 19th, but was eliminated by Lacey Evans.

h/t Fightful for the transcription.