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Mickie James and Renee Paquette Discuss Receiving Items In Trash Bag

Mickie James and Renee Paquette

Mickie James and Renee Paquette have compared their experiences after leaving WWE following the unfortunate events that happened following Mickie James’ release from the company where her belongings were returned to her in a trash bag.

James posted a photo of the trash bag in question on Twitter and tagged WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to bring it to his attention. In the time that followed both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon issued apologies on social media. They also confirmed that the person responsible no longer works for the company.

James was recently a guest on Paquette’s ‘Oral Sessions‘ podcast. When the topic came up, Paquette revealed that she had a similar experience, and, referencing Chelsea Green’s experience of receiving Natalya’s boots by mistake on her release, noted that she also received someone else’s belongings.

“I had also had my stuff sent to me in a trash bag, but I just didn’t think much of it, but I had something similar. I saw Chelsea Green tweeted or what she posted on her Instagram. She was on her own podcast and she was saying how she got her bag with stuff that wasn’t even hers it was like Nattie’s boots or something – and that’s what happened to mine. So I ended up texting a bunch of girls in the locker room and I had a bunch of make-up, like a tonne of make-up, someone’s whole make-up bag that wasn’t even mine. I’m like ‘I don’t know who’s this is’ and nobody claimed it so that is what it is.”

James responded that she was initially surprised WWE still sent former Superstars their things this way and found it amusing.

“I had two boxes because I had a tonne of stuff there. My door was packed, to completely overflowing. I kind of in that moment was like ‘oh sh*t, they still do this?’, like that’s kinda funny.”

However, she also recalled being less than impressed when she first experienced it on her release from WWE ten years ago.

“You know when you first leave you’re like ‘oh, that kinda sucks’, there’s always so many things and we’re always working on, hopefully, other things and other projects and looking at all this other stuff, so you do have more freedom and space to be able to explore those opportunities. But at the same time I was like ‘awwh, I just wish for so many things’, and I get my stuff in a trash bag and I’m like ‘it’s on par, whatever’.”

The six-time WWE Women’s Champion finished by explaining that she thinks the way WWE sent out belongings was thoughtless, but not malicious.

“I don’t feel it was like something that was malicious or anything like that. It’s just like kinda thoughtless and tone-deaf, that’s all.”

Elsewhere in the interview with Renee Paquette, Mickie James also commented on Eva Marie’s return to WWE.

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