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Mick Foley Wishes He’d Retired After Legendary WWE Match

Mick Foley

Mick Foley has admitted that he wishes he would have retired after one particularly legendary match.

For a number of years it appeared that Mick Foley and retirement were two things that were never destined to be together.

The Hardcore Legend famously wanted to call time on his career in 1999, but pushed on after Steve Austin underwent neck surgery. After two iconic matches with Triple H in early 2000, the second coming inside Hell in a Cell with his career on the line, Foley almost stepped away again.

Although he was tempted back once more to compete at WrestleMania 2000. After this match, Foley did stay out of the ring and enjoyed a fine run as The Commissioner. But the love affair between Foley and putting his body on the line in the name of entertainment wasn’t over yet.

The Hall of Famer began a feud with Randy Orton in late 2003, and went on to appear in the 2004 Royal Rumble, WrestleMania XX and most memorably at Backlash. The brutal No Holds Barred match at Backlash against Orton is widely regarded as one of the finest bouts of The Viper’s career. The man himself has even claimed that the match “made him.”

Speaking on his podcast, Foley is Pod, available via AdFreeShows, Foley explained that he wishes he could have retired after his Hell in a Cell match against Triple H, before coming back to face Orton, as you’re allowed one comeback match.

“Yeah, it really is, it’s the perfect exit,” [His match at Hell in a Cell]

“If I could re-write my own history, I never would’ve wrestled again. I would’ve had to come back against Randy [Orton at WWE “Backlash” 2004] because you’re allowed one comeback match. I would’ve done the tag with The Rock, followed it up with the match against Randy and then never wrestled again.

“I think everyone accepts that you’re going to have one comeback match, but I wouldn’t have done a match six weeks later [at “WrestleMania 2000”]. I would’ve done those two matches and that would’ve been it.”

The comments from Foley are perhaps surprising to some, as he famously continued to wrestle on-and-off until 2012. A run which included his famous WrestleMania match against Edge.

H/t to Wrestling Inc