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Mick Foley Says Vader’s Singing “Doomed” Their Relationship

Mick Foley

Mick Foley has discussed how WWE Hall of Famer Vader doomed their days riding together with his vocal gymnastics assaulting Foley’s ears.

When wrestling fans think of Foley’s ears being attacked by Vader, they’ll think of that infamous night in Germany when one of Mick Foley’s ears was ripped off his head in a match with the behemoth.

However, speaking on the inaugural episode of Foley Is Pod [first available early at AdFreeShows.com], Mick Foley revealed it was the real-life Leon White’s spending habits and brutal singing that brought the pair’s car-sharing days to an end:

“I get in the car with Leon. And WWE takes care of everything but incidentals, they take care of the room, they take care of your flights, we usually did not have the room taken care of for us, except if you’re doing media appearances, Mania, I think SummerSlam a couple of years later.”

“So I’ve been there for us for four or five days and I’ve got like $36 in bills, right? I’ve got just maybe one room service meal. I always had protein bars, or I packed stuff, you know. I was frugal, I’m not like, I’m not like that anymore. I’m a three-star man.”

“[…] Leon gets in the car and he says will you hold on to this. And he hands me his expense report from his room. And it probably does everything but unroll like a sacred scroll. He had, it was a lot of minibar things, it was room service, it was $250 for a pair of sunglasses. Leon run up a $2,500 bill for 4 days, mine was $36. And I thought to myself, this partnership is not going to last very long because we’re going to be living in exact opposites for a couple of weeks.”

“I would drop Leon off and then I would go to the budget motel. He had a pretty good deal, I think with Marriott at the time. But really what doomed that car ride and relationship with Leon’s tendency for singing with his shirt off.”

“He would get the chips all like they’d be all matted in his chest hair and he was just brutalising beloved 70s songs that I like. To this day, Cat Stevens comes out with Wild World and all I think is Leon belting out that tune.”

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