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Mick Foley Recalls “Really Special” Moment When Triple H Asked Him About WWE Hall of Fame Induction

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Mick Foley has opened up about the “special” moment when he thought he was going to be let go from WWE but was instead offered a Hall Of Fame induction.

Speaking to Vickie Guerrero on her Excuse Me Show, Foley explained how Triple H called him into his office and rather than release him as Foley had expected, he instead asked the Hardcore Legend about being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“It was really a great night. Honestly, I made up my mind in 2010 or 2011, I wasn’t doing much with the company, but my children were all big fans and I thought, as long as I’m Mick Foley, and as long as I continue to mean something, I’m going to bring them to shows when they want, and then I would just hang out at house shows and talk with the guys.”

“So I went to the Madison Square Garden show the day after Christmas. They always have a house show the day after Christmas. This was 2012. Hunter asked to talk to me. I honestly thought they were going to release me. I was an ambassador at that time. I had a two-year run as an ambassador. I walked into that office fully expecting to be relieved of that duty, but instead he said, ‘We want to know how you would feel about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?’ I said, ‘I would feel pretty good about that.’”

Mick Foley then added that being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in the same arena that he used to hitchhike to just added to the prestige:

“It was really special for me because it was at Madison Square Garden. I know we can’t choose where we want to be inducted. We’re lucky enough to have that honor bestowed upon us, but if I could have chosen it, it obviously would have been the Garden for me because that’s where I grew up taking trains to and hitchhiking to, and it just has a lot of great memories for me.”

“I also thought, ‘I’ll never address a crowd this size again’, and I was wrong about that luckily. I was just going to enjoy every moment. I was able to look out and see my children, see my wife, see a few friends, and see my colleagues”

h/t WrestlingNews.co