Mick Foley Shows Off His Incredible The Undertaker Halloween Costume

Mick Foley's tooth pierced his lip during Hell In A Cell

Mick Foley is a master of character and reinvention, having popularized his “three faced of Foley” during his time in WWE. Fans knew the difference between each of these characters and treated them as separate entities, and in the 1998 Royal Rumble, he entered as all three of his personas: first as Cactus Jack, then as Mankind, and finally Dude Love was the 28th entrant in the match.

For Halloween this year, Mick Foley chose another wrestler familiar with reinventing himself when he dressed up as The Undertaker. Taking to Instagram (the WWE Hall of Famer recently left Twitter), Foley posted photos of himself as The Deadman (not the American Badass) during his Halloween festivities, showing his celebration with other people who were also dressed as wrestlers, with Kane and multiple faces of Foley himself represented.

Mick Foley And The Undertaker Shared The Ring In One Of WWE’s Most Iconic Matches

Throughout their decades in the wrestling business, The Undertaker and Mick Foley faced off inside the squared circle on a number of occasions with a number of stipulations, including participating in the very first Buried Alive match. However, none of their matches is more well known than their infamous Hell in a Cell bout at King of the Ring 1998.

While The Undertaker had competed inside the structure against Shawn Michaels on a previous occasion, his bout with Foley has become synonymous with the cage itself. Near the beginning of the bout, Foley and Undertaker ascended to the top of the Cell, and Foley was thrown from the roof onto the announce table, leading Jim Ross to yell that he was “broken in half.”

Despite falling from such a height, Foley continued the bout, and later found himself on the roof again with his foe. When The Deadman chokeslammed Foley onto the roof of the cell, the fencing gave way and Foley fell into the ring below, knocking out multiple teeth and giving him a concussion. Even though he was severely injured, Foley still managed to appear in the main event match between Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin.