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Mick Foley’s Crazy Idea For Second Undertaker Hell In A Cell Match

MIck Foley Undertaker Hell in a Cell

Mick Foley revealed that he had a plan in mind if he were ever to face The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell for a second time!

At King of the Ring 1998, Mick Foley made history with his clash against The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. Not only did he take a terrifying bump from the top of the cell through the announce table (which led to JR’s iconic call of “With God as my witness, he is broken in half!”), he also suffered massive injuries when The Undertaker powerbombed him through the top of the cell with a chair following him on the fall. Not only did one of his teeth end up in his nose, he also became severely concussed as a result.

While it might seem best to leave their Hell in a Cell memories as a one and done experience, Mick Foley revealed on his debut episode of Foley is Pod (available early via AdFreeShows) that he had an idea for another crazy bump to take if the two ever faced off inside the hellacious structure later in their careers.

“I have a bump in mind if there was ever a Cell 2 with me and Undertaker. Yeah, I did. Okay, so keep the gimmick Cell in mind. This was around 2009, 2010; I was thinking man, if I had come back to WWE at 250 and hadn’t had the head injuries, maybe I would have pushed for that. But you know, when I came back I was heavy and it just wasn’t in the cards.”

Continuing, Mick Foley detailed thebump he wanted to take, likening it to one that he took at WrestleMania 1999 when he faced the Big Show and one he took against Vader earlier in his career.

“Same bump I took with Big Show at ‘Mania ’99, same bump I took with Leon White but we did on the wooden ramp which should have been the last one [of my career]. I was trying to cash in on my Lloyd’s of London policy, I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t [injured] and I was definitely hurting but not as injured as I thought I would be.

“But essentially when people see that bump you know the one I did with Big Show because Big Show is 400[lbs] and I’m on his back and there’s no magic there; if there’s a secret to it, it’s you just gotta keep your bodies tight, because if he hits and there’s a three inch gap then I could break every rib in my body and there’s no telling what damage could be done.

“And I thought if Undertaker and I went up there and then, this is the most you know, this is an iconic scene, Undertaker and Foley back up, Undertaker and Mankind fully back up on top of the cell. Here comes the mandible claw, Mr. Socko. Here I am up on Undertaker’s back. But instead of just dropping backwards, he’s doing it from 16 feet, may have been 20 by that point. And the key is we got to be tight.

“And the key is we’re going to go right through that freaking ring to just and there’ll be something underneath it. Not on the surface. I don’t know how we, I want it to look more realistic. And I want it to be almost, you don’t think you get some holy [sh*t]? For minutes. And then when that first hand whoever it was comes up out of there. I don’t know how you finish from there.

“Or maybe that’s just the end of it, you know, but that was the big bump. Two stretcher jobs. And I’m getting the buzz again!”

Elsewhere in the interview, he hilariously discussed how Vader’s singing led to the end of the two of them traveling together.

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