Mick Foley Praises Triple H’s First Month As Head of Creative

Mick Foley Triple H

Mick Foley has acknowledged the successful job Triple H has done thus far in his first month in charge.

Triple H has now been in the hot seat as WWE’s Head of Creative for over a month since the retirement of Vince McMahon, earning plaudits from fans and wrestlers alike.

Speaking on his Foley is Pod show, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley discussed recent changes he has noticed under the new regime:

“And so what I’m seeing is that people are getting, the talent is, you know, getting a second chance, you know, the cream is rising to the top, I think there’s more of a sense that you’re playing to win instead of playing not to lose, which is really important. So I think, you know, mistakes are accepted as an unavoidable by-product of growth, and that people are not under the same pressure they were to be perfect all the time, which means you’re nowhere close to perfect any of the time.”

“And I would say the best compliment I can give the new Hunter regime is that I do not think WWE has that problem, and that was the biggest problem I saw over the last few years. “

Mick Foley continued, talking about his time as an in-ring talent when Vince McMahon was in control:

“I love Vince McMahon, and I can’t think of a time and place where I could have been better utilised. You know, there’s so many reasons why my push could have been shortened, not as strong, forgotten. And there’s no way you and I are having this conversation without Vince, with a little help from Bruce and JR. and The Undertaker. I don’t think you can ever dismiss the power of The Undertaker wanting to do business and even some other guys on my way out.”

“You know, Shawn Michaels liked me immediately, and so I had some big proponents, you know. Bret Hart liked working with me, so all the top guys I work with, enjoyed it. But still, you know, Vince to see, to listen to Bruce, who told him ‘Hey, this guy’s got a more interesting backstory than the fictional portrait you guys have created.’ And that’s where the ground-breaking interviews with Jim Ross came in. So all that ultimately it was up to Vince.”

More changes have continued to take place in WWE over the past month. The re-shuffle has seen Shawn Michaels being given a major promotion where he now holds the title of WWE Vice President of Talent Development Creative whilst Road Dogg has re-joined the company as SVP Of WWE Live Events.

The Hardcore Legend commented further on changes, praising Triple H :

“But I think just saying that changes as good as a rest, at least it’s in a Kinks song. And, and I know Memphis for example, they used to as a matter of principle to change over the bookers every six months thinking that you get some fresh eyes on the product. I think the benefit of that is obviously you change things up. The knock on it was that guys only had six months to produce and they would do some hot shot-ing things which I think we’re going to get to with SummerSlam [1997], you know, that night of many gimmicks.”

“Um, but I think I think it’s a really good thing for WWE, I think people are excited. I feel for Mr McMahon because being a business is so much a part of his life. So I hope he has some things, he does have grandchildren and things to you know, be meaningful, he could still make a huge impact in other ways, but I think I give Triple H an A and then we’ll see in the following few months if that becomes an A plus.”

There have been several noticeable changes on WWE TV since Triple H took over as Head of Creative at the end of July including longer matches, more consistent storytelling and a number of the return of former Superstars who had been released by McMahon.

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