Mick Foley Performs “Sexy Kurt” In Hilarious New Video

Mick Foley

Since his final in-ring performance for WWE at Royal Rumble 2012, WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley has carved out an impressive reputation for entertaining one-man shows and recently performed his version of a famous WWE parody that delighted a fellow WWE Hall Of Fame member

Kurt Angle thrilled by Mick Foley performance of ‘Sexy Kurt’

Back in 2005, former Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle was locked in a memorable feud with ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels en-route to a classic outing at Wrestlemania 21 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

During the build up, Angle famously joined forces with Michaels’ former valet Sherri Martel to perform a re-imagined version of ‘HBK’s legendary theme song ‘Sexy Boy’.

Entitled ‘Sexy Kurt’, Angle and Martel collaborated on a hilarious performance, highlighted Angle’s recent beat down of Michaels’ former Rockers team-mate Marty Jannetty whilst also showing his versatility as a performer.

The lyrics of the side-splitting rendition included;

I think I’m cute
I got gold medals
I’ve got the moves
That makes ’em all tap out
The Angle Slam
The Ankle Lock
Marty Jannetty
Still can’t walk

I’m just a sexy Kurt (sexy Kurt)
I’ll make your ankle hurt (ankle hurt)
I’m just a sexy Kurt (sexy Kurt)
I’ll make your ankle hurt (ankle hurt)

Angle would go on to defeat Michaels by submission in a near-30 minute bout that would cement his WWE Hall Of Fame credentials and he was eventually inducted in 2017, where he performed a small snippet from the song during his induction speech.

It was Foley recently, however, who entertained the crowd with his own rendition of the song and it’s clear that Angle approved of his fellow Hall Of Famer’s crowd pleasing version of the tune, describing the ‘Hardcore Legend’s performance as ‘incredible’.

H/T: All The Lyrics for the above lyric transcription