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Mick Foley – “In My Prime I’d Have Had People Fearing For Darby Allin’s Life”

Mick Foley & Darby Allin

Mick Foley has claimed that in his prime he could have created beautiful, violent magic with Darby Allin, bringing those watching to tears in the process.

Darby Allin and Mick Foley may have been born decades and generations apart but once inside the ring, both men have been known to show little to no regard for their own safety.

While there was a spell during Foley’s career where a match rarely went by without blood being spilled or a death defying fall, Allin has shown even during his time in AEW, that he’s no shrinking violet in that regard.

Speaking to Thunder Rosa on her Taco Vlog, Foley ran down a few names who he would have liked to have tangled with in the ring. Although the Hardcore Legend naming Jon Moxley might not have come as a surprise, highlighting Ricochet was certainly more of a left field suggestion.

“Assuming I was near the top of the game, I’d love to wrestle Moxley. Bray Wyatt, in whatever incarnation he comes back as, but I also loved wrestling the smaller guys that did the flying. Because although I could not work every style, I could adapt to just about any style. I could incorporate aspects of what anyone else did. Then put my own personal stamp on it.

So coming out of the gate, when Ricochet came into WWE, he needed a great opening a feud. I thought if I was that guy, in my prime, [he] was someone who can do anything and was also small enough for me to come across as a power wrestler, which wasn’t easy. We really could have made an impression.”

Expanding further, Foley broke down what he feels WWE is missing with their current stable of heels. Someone who doesn’t care about winning, and instead just wants to hurt their opponents. As Foley says he would have done, had he been able to face Darby Allin in his violent, barbed-wire covered prime.

“There’ll be other guys, like Darby Allin, if I could have gotten my hands on Darby — The one thing I say, sometimes it’s missing, and I guess, a knock on Mr. McMahon. He wants every heel to look like they’re trying to win at every moment. He’s real big on covers after everything. That’s great for some people. But Abdullah The Butcher didn’t go for covers. He looked like he was there to end your life. So, sometimes what’s missing is that aspect that the babyface is not fighting for a win, he’s literally fighting for his life.

I think that’s one of the things that’s missing there. It’s another one, you can’t overdo it. You can’t have five matches like that. But if you had one certifiable madman, you know, I’d like to think that in my prime you know, if I had a guy like Darby Allin, I’d be looking out, and then there’d be tears falling, you know, as people fear for his life. Then, you know, you try to put that person in a world of hurt and hate, and then have them fight their way out of it.”

Darby Allin was most recently in action on the December 31st episode of Rampage where he defeated Anthony Bowens. After the match, Andrade El Idolo came out to confront Allin and the distraction meant The Acclaimed were able to leave the former TNT Champion laying.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.