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Mick Foley Lifts Lid On Origins Of His Iconic Catchphrase

Mick Foley speaks into a microphone WWE Raw 2006

Mick Foley’s “Have A Nice Day” catchphrase is synonymous with his career, but it wasn’t Foley himself who came up with the iconic line.

The phrase “have a nice day” is used in everyday life in the most basic of circumstances but to wrestling fans, it’s the trademark line delivered by Mick Foley. ‘The Hardcore Legend’ has uttered the four-word phrase for the majority of his WWE career, amazed at its impact some twenty-odd years later.

Foley hasn’t taken the credit for this, though. The multi-time World Champion praised Jim Ross for creating the catchphrase for him “off the top of his head”. Once Mick Foley delivered it for the first time, the rest was history.

Speaking on his new Foley Is Pod show in association with Podcast Heat, the WWE Hall of Famer explained the process of how JR came up with one of wrestling’s most recognisable catchphrases:

“That’s Jim Ross. We do the first one, he was in the pseudo dungeon that had been belt. And I was supposed to do a quick, it wasn’t one of the sit-down ones, it was a quick one. And he just came up off the top of his head, you know, say something, ‘have a nice day.’ And then I ran with that. You know, it became who knew? You know? That was 22 years later? We’re still saying, ‘and have a nice day’.”

The friendship between Mick Foley and Jim Ross is no secret, with Ross levying for Foley’s success in the then-World Wrestling Federation. The duo were pictured together last December as the former Mankind visited the now-AEW announcer during his battle with skin cancer.

Have A Nice Day, as legendary a catchphrase as it is, was also the name of Foley’s first autobiography published in October 1999. Officially titled Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, Mick’s first foray into writing topped the non-fiction bestseller list on The New York Times.

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