Mick Foley Names His Two Wrestling Regrets

Mick Foley

In many respects, Mick Foley should never have made it to the top of WWE, but his connection with the crowd and complete lack of regard for his own welfare ensured he ended his career a legend.

The WWE Hall of Famer spent his entire career pushing his body right up to, and then over the limit. After realising early on that his admitted lack of athleticism was unlikely to take him to the bright lights of the main event, Foley set out on a mission to find an alternative route to the top. This resulted in him performing elbow drops directly onto a concrete floor, wrestling in barbed wire, thumb tacks, falling through flaming tables, and being launched from the top of Hell In A Cell.

However, Foley has now admitted that there are two things he wishes he wouldn’t have done.

Speaking on his Foley is Pod, podcast, the Hardcore Legend said that he should have done less of those famed elbow drops onto concrete, and protected himself when taking steel chair shots to the head.

“So I could have done things that were healthier, but then I’m not the guy who got to the dance. You know, those were the things that brought me there.

I wish I had not dropped elbows on the concrete in non-televised matches and used it less on TV also, and I wish I’d brought up the hand because here was no correlation to me between guys who blocked or did not block chair shots and guys who got over big time, because the guys who were the biggest stars in the business did block the chairs, and no one thought any less of them.”

Mick Foley Working On New Project With WWE

Elsewhere on the podcast, Mick Foley revealed that he will be part of WWE Most Wanted Treasures on A&E which starts again on April 30th. The WWE legend said that he’d just wrapped up filming and was excited for fans to see the finished product.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co