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Mick Foley Names Favourite Match Of His Career

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Mick Foley has revealed which match he considers his favourite from his illustrious and often death defying career.

Throughout his career, Mick Foley shared the ring with some of of the best wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, occasionally nearly killing himself in the process. His unorthodox style, and stunning disregard for his own personal safety led him to participate in some of the most memorable matches and moments in WWE and wrestling history.

Speaking during an appearance on Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, Foley has now revealed which of his often blood-soaked classics is his favourite. The WWE Hall of Famer singled out his 2004 match with Randy Orton for special praise, not only because he believes it was a quality match, but also because it meant a lot to him on a personal level.

During the brilliantly brutal clash which saw the pair deploy every weapon imaginable, including barbed wire bats and thumbtacks, both men bled profusely and put it all in the line in the name of entertainment.

“Coming back after four years of not having a single match and teaming up with The Rock the month before, at WrestleMania, it just didn’t feel like I took my best swings,” Foley recalled. “And like, there’s nothing wrong with failing as long as you give it your best shot. And I did not feel like I gave it my best shot at WrestleMania [in] 2004. So I came back a month later and took my swings and I’ll dare say I connected. So that was my favourite match because not only was it, I thought, a great match but one that meant a lot to me on a personal basis.”

Appearing on Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin, earlier in 2021, Randy Orton praised Mick Foley for what he brought to the match. The Viper explained that Foley was instrumental in the creation of his ‘Legend Killer’ character, commenting “Foley made me.”

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.