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Mick Foley Took Advantage Of Infamous Injury To Get An Earlier Flight

Mick Foley

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley admitted to using his most infamous injury to get him on an earlier flight home!

Mick Foley famously lost his right ear during a match against Vader, real name Leon White, in Germany in 1994. During a planned spot in the bout, his head got caught between the ring ropes and his ear was the casualty of squeezing out of the ropes that had been tightened earlier in the night without the Hardcore Legend’s knowledge.

Speaking on an episode of Foley is Pod (available early via AdFreeShows), Mick Foley recalled how he used the loss of his ear to get on an earlier flight home as he wanted to get back to his family.

“Leon had been there for the entire length of the tour, which was pretty arduous. Even though you’re wrestling in the same place every night for six or seven weeks at a time, you’re in a caravan slat, which is a small trailer home. And Leon was there with his wife and a baby.

“And I remember I was going a little stir crazy in there to where I actually used my ear to get on an earlier flight. You know, once my match was over, I wanted to get home. I mean, I always wanted to get home. And so I wrapped up my ear at the photo when I’ve just been lost. I tried to get on the plane, they weren’t gonna let me in. I said it’s medical emergency, I just lost my ear. And boom, they put me on the plane. And yeah, I got home. Pretty cool, right?”

On another recent episode, Mick Foley detailed the crazy spot he had planned for a potential Hell in a Cell rematch against The Undertaker.

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