Mick Foley Sent Hilarious Message Of Support To Dwayne Johnson Ahead Of Black Adam Premiere

Dwayne Johnson & Mick Foley

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Roc and Mick Foley go way back, and Johnson’s former tag team partner had no problem bringing him back down to earth with a recent hilarious Instagram post.

Despite being the biggest movie star in the world, the Rock isn’t above being made fun of by his friends. In any case, you can be mad at Mick Foley for having a little fun at the expense of his illustrious former tag team partner.

Mick Foley Sends Good Luck Message To Dwayne Johnson

A week before the release of Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming Black Adam movie, Mick Foley made his own parody version of the official poster. Instead of Black Adam front and centre, Foley has posted The Rock’s now infamous ‘Fanny Pack’ photo from his youth that has now become an internet meme. Foley typed the following to his Instagram followers:

“I’m wishing my friend @TheRock the very best for the premiere of his movie, #BlackAdam – it looks fantastic!”

The Rock’s fanny pack photo has been simultaneously mocked and celebrated by some very notable celebrities including WWE’s very own, Rhea Ripley, all the way to Kevin Smith, Seth Rogan and Liam Hemsworth to name a few.

The Rock himself even celebrated the significance of the meme with his own recreation of it for Saturday Night Live in 2017.

Johnson knows that Foley bringing back the photo is with endearment and support. The two tagged together in the height of the Attitude Era as The Rock and Sock Connection and even shared the ring during the single highest rated segment in the history of WWE RAW: The Rock’s ‘This Is Your Life’.

After The Rock’s initial Hollywood sabbatical in 2003 – 2004, he requested to team with Foley at the prestigious Wrestlemania XX, much to Mick’s surprise and delight.

As of November 13th, 2022, Black Adam has grossed a whopping $151 million in the United States and Canada and a further $200 million across the globe, bringing the worldwide total to a staggering $351 million.

Dwayne Johnson has become Hollywood’s leading man in recent years with a stellar record at the box office and it seems strange to consider a time where The Rock wasn’t dominating the silver screen. But, it was his initial foray into professional wrestling with the WWE that allowed him to display his innate charisma and promo abilities. It was no surprise that Johnson caught the eye of Hollywood directors.