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Mick Foley Reveals Which Hall Of Famer Introduced Thumbtacks To Wrestling

Mick Foley

Mick Foley has revealed who he credits with bringing thumbtacks into professional wrestling.

Throughout his career, Mick Foley became known as a performer who would put himself through incredible punishment in order to entertain those who had paid to see the show on any given night.

This attitude led to Foley risking life and limb on a regular basis and cheating death on more than one occasion. As the years passed, barbed wire, terrifying chair shots and thumbtacks all became staples of Foley’s hardcore matches, usually when wrestling as Cactus Jack.

During an appearance on Dr. Beau Hightower’s YouTube channel as Foley underwent spinal readjustment, he revealed who he credits with bringing thumbtacks into wrestling. The WWE Hall of Famer explained that they actually came from Diamond Dallas Page who used to share a room with himself and Steve Austin while they were in WCW.

Foley recalled that he and Austin actually tried to get DDP to stop rooming with them due to his preference for always being naked in the hotel rooms they shared.

“DDP was the first man to bring thumbtacks into professional wrestling,” Mick Foley said. “He didn’t wrestle in them, he thumbtacked the blinds to the wall of our $30 motel rooms. He didn’t like the faintest peep of light coming in, and also preferred to be naked in the room. We sat him down, Steve asked me if I would address the subject because I had the seniority as far as experience. So I said, ‘both Steve and I would feel more comfortable if you wore clothes in the room.’ I’ll never forget his response as long as I live, he just said, ‘but bro, they get in the way.’

“He couldn’t be bothered with those cumbersome shorts, or t-shirts, or whatever. It reminded me, and I say it during my shows, I suddenly had this great deal of empathy for how Travis, the older brother in the Disney beloved classic Old Yeller film. When he realized you got to take that dog out behind the barn and do what I have to do. So that’s what we did, and Steve and I dumped like four or five dozen cookies in Dallas’ bed. Waited for him to come back, completely naked, in total darkness. It took him about 15 seconds to realize he was sharing his bed that night.

“Let’s just say it was a crumby result, but it was a classic. It ended up with him bringing the cookies over to me, he’s jumping up and down on me. He’s grinding them into me going, ‘how do you like it?’ He’s dropping F-bombs, and I thought that’s a rhetorical question, but he actually gave me a chance to answer. I said, ‘you know Dallas, it’s not so much the cookies I mind, as it is your naked ass rubbing all over me.’ He just got up, and he was a defeated man.”

Speaking in more detail about Dallas Page’s career, Foley explained that he ended up getting his big break thanks to Dusty Rhodes, despite being 38 at the time.

“DDP was pretty new on the road because he had been a manager, and he had been behind the scenes as a producer,” he said. “Dusty Rhodes always liked him and trusted him. So, he put him in a position there, but he took to it. People thought that aged 38 or so when he broke in that it was too old. But he did it, and had a Hall Of Fame career.”

During an episode of his own podcast, Page recently said that he wished that Dusty Rhodes could have inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.