Mick Foley Recalls CM Punk Refusing To Mock Him On WWE TV

Mick Foley & CM Punk promo

Mick Foley and CM Punk are known as two of the best talkers of their respective generations. So when they finally got to go toe-to-toe on the microphone in 2012, fans expected fireworks.

However, by the time the moment came, there had been backstage wrangling over the script, and Foley has since revealed that he was struggling badly with memory issues at the time.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast Foley Is Pod, Mick Foley discussed his return to WWE in 2012 after a three year spell with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. During the show, Foley recalled helping guide the likes of Becky Lynch in getting changes made to promos without causing too much upset and pushback. Although, Foley claimed that CM Punk did things very differently.

CM Punk Refused To Use Scripted Insult On Mick Foley

The Hardcore Legend said that if Punk was given a script that he didn’t like, he would simply throw it on the floor. Recalling one segment involving the pair, Foley revealed that Punk refused to insult him using a line that he had been given by a writer. The script called for the now-AEW star to comment that Foley resembled a float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“[Punk] looks at the guy and goes, ‘This is Mick Foley. He’s one of the best wrestlers of all time. We know he’s heavy, I’m not gonna go there, that’s cheap heat,’

Foley went on to explain that it was working with Paul Heyman and CM Punk that helped him begin to regain his confidence, especially in light of his memory issues.

“In large part because of Punk, I start to regain my sense of confidence in my ability to cut promos,”

“It’s not in fashion right now, but you need to point out the fact that he lifted people’s games in ways you wouldn’t expect,”

While CM Punk remains under contract with AEW it has been reported that the star will not be returning to the ring with the company. Along with Punk negotiating a buy-out of his contract, it has been suggested that a number of top AEW stars not only don’t expect him back, but also don’t want him back.

H/t to Wrestling Inc