Mick Foley Believes Top WWE Star Has Been “Taken For Granted”

Mick Foley

Mick Foley believes everyone was wrong about Seth Rollins.

While the current World Heavyweight Champion’s in-ring work and entrance music are beloved by the WWE Universe, the early days of The Visionary character were not welcomed as fondly. Many questioned the attire of Rollins, and if this would work in the long term.

Seth Rollins’ Character Has Become A Favourite Of Mick Foley

Rollins’ Visionary persona would begin in January 2021, where the former Shield member would feud with Cesaro, losing to The Swiss Cyborg at WrestleMania but getting vengeance at WrestleMania Backlash, being a factor is Cesaro losing a title match to Roman Reigns.

A trilogy of matches against Edge would follow, with the Rated R Superstar winning the rivalry inside Hell in a Cell at the 2021 Crown Jewel Premium Live Event.

Rollins took the mind games to the next level in 2022, beginning at the Royal Rumble. The Visionary revived his Shield attire to face Reigns in a match for the Universal Title. Rollins won the match via disqualification, meaning that while he didn’t walk out with the championship, he remains one of a select few that have won a match against The Tribal Chief.

The ultimate test for the former WWE Champion came when Rollins was assigned to be the first feud for a returning Cody Rhodes. Using Dusty Rhodes attire and bringing up Cody’s late father in promos, Rollins was relentless in trying to remove Rhodes from the roster. This would be seen the night after the critically acclaimed Hell in a Cell match, where Rollins used a sledgehammer to write Rhodes off TV in storyline.

The two year rise of Rollins’ latest persona has now been recognised my a former wrestler who also had multiple gimmicks, Mick Foley.

Speaking on Foley Is Pod, Foley explained how Rollins sticking to his gimmick has paid off, with the commitment proving the critics wrong:

“I think we had really come to take him for granted. A phenomenal worker. I think last year — I don’t even know if Seth was in my top five. But this attention to character has been a slow build,” Foley said. “I remember there were people thinking it was the most embarrassing thing in wrestling and I was like, ‘He’s on to something, and he’s trying. He’s sinking his teeth into it.’ It was just so much fun to see him evolve and just take to it.”

H/t to Wrestling Inc. for the use of transcription.