Mick Foley Believes Kofi Kingston Deserved “Better Run” As Champion

Mick Foley Kofi Kingston

Mick Foley has shared his opinion on Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship reign in a short tweet, believing Kingston deserved a better run.

Talking to Twitter, WWE Hall of Famer Foley would comment on Kofi’s time at the top of the card in frank and direct tweet. Following months of fan support and several obstacles stacked against him on WWE television, Kofi Kingston captured the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35 after a hard fought battle with Daniel Bryan.

Kingston successfully defended the championship multiple times during his reign. Kofi held on to the WWE Championship for a total of 180 before losing it to Brock Lesnar in a matter of seconds in the main event of the first Friday Night Smackdown to air on FOX.

Mick Foley, who is known to share his honest opinions on WWE’s business and creative, would take to Twitter recently to make his feelings known regarding Kofi’s championship reign:

I always thought @TrueKofi deserved a better/longer run.

Unlike many former WWE Champions that came before him, Kofi would not receive a rematch against Lesnar in an attempt to recapture the gold. Upon losing to ‘The Beast Incarnate’, Kingston largely returned to tag team action as a member of The New Day. However, Kingston is set to face current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at Money in the Bank 2021.

Mick Foley and Kofi Kingston’s climb to the top of the WWE mountain share a few striking similarities. Both were strongly backed by the fans and during their perspective runs and celebrated as underdog Champions. Foley ultimately captured the richest prize in WWE a total of three times for a combined reign of 36 days. His legendary victory over The Rock for the gold in January 1999 remains one of the most memorable moments in Raw history.