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Mick Foley Announces New Podcast

Mick Foley

Mick Foley is pod! Or at least he will be in the very near future.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is set to become the latest former wrestler to enter the world of podcasting.

Posting on social media, the Hardcore Legend wrote “Foley is pod. Coming soon” hinting that some form of audio goodness will be on the way from Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy.

When the podcast launches, Foley will join the likes of Ric Flair, Booker T, Eric Bischoff, Jim Ross and Matt Hardy among many others in the wrestling podcast game.

Mick Foley began his career in 1983, after training under Dominic DeNucci. The would-be World Champion spent the next five years plying his trade on the independent circuit, enjoying brief stops in the UWF and CWA.

Appearing under the name Cactus Jack, Foley signed with World Class Championship Wrestling in late 1988, before briefly wrestling in WCW. The Hall of Famer signed with the company properly in September 1991, immediately feuding with Sting who was the World Champion at the time.

In 1993, Foley began his most famous WCW feud with Vader. It was during this feud that the star lost half of his ear in a match in Germany after a spot where he got caught up in the ring ropes went wrong.

After leaving WCW, Foley went on tour, competing in ECW, Smokey Mountain Wrestling while also touring Japan. While appearing for the IWA, Foley was crowned King of the Deathmatch following a series of brutal match-ups. Wrestling as Cactus Jack, he won the tournament after defeating Terry Funk in the final.

Mick Foley debuted with the WWF in April 1996 under the name Mankind after much lobbying from Head of Talent Relations Jim Ross. In the four years that followed, Foley won the World Championship three times and feuded with the likes of The Rock, Triple H and arguably most famously, The Undertaker. A feud scorched into immortality at King of the Ring 1998, where he came off the top of the Hell in a Cell, twice.

Despite retiring on numerous occasions, Foley repeatedly found his way back to the ring, memorably facing Randy Orton in 2004, and Edge at WrestleMania 22. After a three-year stint in TNA, Foley called time on his in-ring career in 2012.

Outside of the ring, Foley appeared at the WWF Commissioner in 2000, and served as Raw General Manager in 2016, with a short stint as a commentator taking place in 2008.

Mick Foley was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.