Mick Foley Advocates For Sable To Join Hall Of Fame

Mick Foley is inducted into WWE Hall of Fame 2013

The WWE Hall of Fame typically only inducts one female Superstar per class and if Mick Foley had his way, that yearly honour would go straight to Sable.

WWE’s efforts to change the perception of women’s wrestling within the sports entertainment giant have made gradual progress, with the creation of women’s Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, and Elimination Chamber matches, women’s WrestleMania main events, and women wrestling in Saudi Arabia.

As it pertains to the WWE Hall of Fame, though, there’s still typically only female inductee a year, except in rare circumstances – case in point, when both Brie and Nikki Bella were inducted together.

Mick Foley, a WWE Hall of Famer in his own right, discussed which female Superstars should be honoured in the Hall of Fame, stating on his Foley Is Pod podcast that Sable should be inducted:

“Sable undoubtedly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I think it’s just a matter of when and if, but definitely, she was one of the most over women of her generation.”

Sable had two stints with WWE, first between 1996 and 1999, and then between 2003 and 2004. The one-time Women’s Champion left the company in 2004 to spend more time with her family but following her first departure in 1999, she sued the company for $110 million over claims of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions.

While she’s yet to enter the WWE Hall of Fame, a number of other women’s wrestling legends currently are, such as Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Sensational Sherri, and Beth Phoenix. Sharmell was the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame in 2022’s class.

H/T to WrestlingNews.co.