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Mick Foley Advocates Donald Trump’s Removal From WWE Hall Of Fame

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Former WWF Champion, Mick Foley, has urged Vince McMahon to remove US President Donald Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame.

On Wednesday January 6, 2021, supporters of the outgoing President stormed the Capitol in a scene of carnage and destruction. During their invasion, fire extinguishers were detonated, property was damaged, a gallows was resurrected outside and sadly it was reported that someone lost their life.

Despite the actions of his voters, Donald Trump urged those who turned out in support of his reign to support the Capitol police fore.

Though the events made headlines around the world, they also managed to catch the eye of ‘The Hardcore Legend’ Mick Foley. The creator of Mr. Socko then proceeded to take to Twitter in order to urge his former employer, Vince McMahon, to remove the man in question from the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Hey Vince – how about throwing this sorry son of a bitch out of out Hall of Fame?”

Donald Trump was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing as part of the Class of 2013, after participating in several weeks of storyline which saw him first purchase Monday Night Raw before selling it back to McMahon.

The rivalry between both men – McMahon is a self-confessed Trump supporter in reality – lead to the Battle of the Billionaires Match at WrestleMania 23, where Umaga represented Vince McMahon and Bobby Lashley was on the side of Trump. The bout ended with Vince getting his head shaved.