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Michelle McCool Discusses The Undertaker’s Life After Retirement

Michelle McCool The Undertaker

Michelle McCool has opened up about her husband and WWE icon The Undertaker’s life following his decision to finally hang up his boots in 2020.

The Undertaker embarked on a career like no other when Mark Calaway made his debut in the role at Survivor Series 1990. Countless championships followed over the next thirty years but The Phenom will be best remembered for his exploits at WrestleMania where he built a historic undefeated streak.

At WrestleMania 36, The Undertaker competed for the final time in the main event in a cinematic Boneyard Match against AJ Styles. Donning the gear of the American Badass once again, The Deadman saw off Styles before riding off into the night, marking the end of his legendary career.

Now Undertaker’s wife and former WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool has discussed what life has been like for them since his retirement in an appearance on Busted Open Radio:

“Now it has become a little bit more normal. First off, I think Mark can attest to the fact that there is definitely Undertaker in Mark also. There’s a whole lot of Mark, but there’s also Undertaker in Mark in real life. Not with us, but when needs be.”

“It was a little strange at first, you know when we filmed The Last Ride documentary, and people really getting a glimpse into who he was. I think it was such a treasured thing for so long that people were so interested in who the man behind the character was, and I think that’s special. It’s special for his fans after all these years to be able to see that.”

McCool added that it’s been tough for the real Mark Calaway to finally pull away from the character he played for so long but adds that she’s pleased that he has found closure in his decision to call it a day:

“It’s hard when you’ve done something for so long. It just kind of becomes your identity, whether your meaning for that to happen or not. Especially with Mark, he did it for so long, where do you go from there? And, of course, the whole world knows he’s been pulled back in for 10 years straight. Like Santa Claus, he came out once a year for WrestleMania, had a surgery, came out did WrestleMania.”

“It’s hard when you’re looking and going, ‘yeah I still love that so much, and I know my heart says I can do it, but my body says you might want to back off now.’ It does have a way of pulling you back in, the fans have a huge part to play in that. It’s a special business, but I love now that I can see he truly has closure.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.