Michelle McCool Was Once Told Off As Match Was “Too Good”

Michelle McCool

The Undertaker has claimed that Michelle McCool was reprimanded backstage after having a match that was deemed “too good.”

Michelle McCool signed with WWE in late 2004 after competing in the second Diva Search. Although McCool was beaten to top prize in the competition by Christy Hemme, she penned a multi-year deal with the company.

After a brief foray onto the main roster, McCool then spent time in OVW before arriving on the main roster as a singles performer in the summer of 2006. Initially appearing as a “sexy teacher,” McCool mainly appeared on SmackDown.

By the time that McCool hung up her boots in 2011, she was a two-time Women’s Champion as well as a two-time Divas Champion. It’s important to note that during this period, women’s wrestling in WWE was far less of a priority compared to today, and was often positioned low down the card.

With this in mind, McCool’s husband, The Undertaker feels that she should be in contention for a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. Speaking in a new interview with Dallas Morning News, he admits it sounder “super political” but feels her determination to get women’s wresting more attention should be recognised.

Furthermore, he claims that McCool was once reprimanded after having a match with Melina that was deemed “too good” by those backstage.

“Off the top of my head, and this is going to sound really super political, but I believe my wife [Michelle McCool] should be in,” ‘Taker said. “She was one working in an era where women didn’t get nearly the opportunities that they do now, and she fought so hard for the women to kind of get more of a spotlight put on them. She was actually reprimanded once for having too good of a match with Melina. That’s a true story. But for her work ethic and what she did in the time period where they weren’t given a lot of opportunity, I think she deserves a nod.”

When asked about any male Superstars who also deserve a spot, The Deadman was unable to pin down just one. He added that all of his focus right now is on making it through his own speech in a few weeks time.

“My goodness, there’s a laundry list of male talent that I can run off. But I’m just trying to get through this one. I’ve got to get this speech put together. Then, we’ll figure out who else goes in. I’ve got papers all over the place with notes and ideas. It’s been a while since I’ve had this kind of nervous energy, if you will,”

At time of writing the Hall of Fame class of 2022 includes, The Undertaker, Vader and Sharmell.