Michelle McCool Tests Positive For COVID-19

Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool has revealed she has tested positive for Covid-19. The former WWE Diva’s Champion confirmed she had contracted the virus via Instagram.

Taking to social media, McCool thanked friends and fans for checking in on her. Initially believing her symptoms to be allergies, McCool stated feeling “blessed” at having only mild symptoms:

“Word round here seems to spread as quickly as this virus ….soooo, thank you to all who have checked on me!!! 🙌🏽Not trying to hide it (just been too tired to post). What I thought were my allergies, turned out to be a + COVID test earlier this week! No clue how or where I caught it!

Blessed to have mild symptoms…super blessed I’m the only one in our home who has it…. & super, super blessed to have a daughter who made an 8’ long “COVID Communication telephone!” I’d give anything to hug & love on her right now! Y’all stay safe & healthy!#daddyholdingdownthefort#blessed#praying#grateful 💙”

The picture accompanying the posts shows McCool in bed using an 8 foot ‘telephone’, made by her daughter, Kaia.

Michelle McCool retired from WWE back in 2011. Still making sporadic appearances, McCool was a participant in the first ever women’s Royal Rumble in 2018. She last appeared on WWE screens during an interview on ‘The Bump’.

During the interview, McCool revealed she would like to face Charlotte Flair in a potential return to the ring. McCool was also pictured backstage at Survivor Series 2020, joining her husband, The Undertaker in his final moments as the iconic ‘Deadman’.

Inside The Ropes wishes Michelle McCool a speedy recovery.