Michelle McCool Open To In Ring Return Against Charlotte Flair

Michelle McCool is the inaugural WWE Divas Champion

Michelle McCool appeared on a recent episode of The Bump and revealed that she would open to returning to the ring to face Charlotte Flair.

McCool is a two time WWE Women’s Champion as well as the inaugural WWE Divas Champion. Making her main roster debut in June 2006, McCool was featured in several prominent angles, including a rivalry with former tag team partner Layla. She retired from in ring activity in April 2011 at Extreme Rules, one year after marrying WWE legend, The Undertaker.

When asked about returning to the ring against Charlotte Flair, McCool acknowledged that facing the 12 time champion would be something of a dream match, and something she would enjoy doing:

“If they ask I would probably be there, but they haven’t asked. But I think that comparisons were drawn really early on just from our stature, from our looks, from our athleticism. But she’s ten thousand times more athletic than I could dream of being. But that would be super fun, to mix it up with her in the ring. She’s got a great style, knows how to tell a story obviously and I think we could go toe to toe. I think it would be fun”

Flair, who has been absent from WWE television of late, made the jump to Raw in the latest WWE draft. Reposting The Bump’s video on Twitter, Flair hinted that she is seemingly in favour of a matchup between the two.

Flair also teased a match between the two back in 2017, posting “one more match?!?” in response to McCool on Twitter.

Inside The Ropes will keep you updated on any further developments between Michelle McCool and Charlotte Flair.