Michael Hayes Recalls Sleeping Naked Next To Jimmy ‘Jam’ Garvin

Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes has told the hysterical story of how he and fellow Fabulous Freebird Jimmy ‘Jam’ Garvin ended up naked and in bed together.

Hayes told the story on an episode of ‘Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw’ – a podcast hosted by WWE Hall Of Famers Gerry Brisco and JBL. The Freebirds joined Brisco and JBL to discuss their illustrious careers. JBL asked Hayes if we can elaborate on the story of how he and Garvin wound up without their clothes, sharing a bed, and ordering room service.

Hayes offered this explanation:

“So when we went to the Hilton there right off I-10 they were full, they had no rooms. We said ‘man are you really sure?’ and the guy recognised us so he looked. They had a big suite, I think it was the Governor’s suite or something like that. Which had this humongous California king-bed and that was the only bed that was in it.”

“We both slept naked at the time but usually in separate beds. Now that didn’t bother either one of us but it sure did get a hell of a reaction from the guy that brought us room service in the morning. And we ordered tonnes of room service because you guys know what it’s like when you wake up drunk and hungry. So I think Jimmy answered the door naked, signed the receipt, and told the guy to distribute [the food]. And then he jumped back into bed where I was already laying.”

The Fabulous Freebirds debuted in Mid-South Wrestling as a tag-team of Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy. Buddy Roberts soon joined the group to make it a trio. The Freebirds are best known for their legendary feud in World Class Championship Wrestling with the Von Erichs. After this iteration of the group ended, Jimmy Garvin began teamed with Hayes as The Freebirds in WCW.

In 2016 The Fabulous Freebirds entered the WWE Hall Of Fame, with a memorable induction that saw Hayes sing the group’s legendary theme song.

Credit: Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw

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