Michael Cole Throws Jab At Tony Khan At WWE Elimination Chamber

WWE announcer Michael Cole

At Elimination Chamber Michael Cole decided that he was going to get involved in the online beef between AEW boss Tony Khan and Ariel Helwani.

The issues between Khan and Helwani began when the AEW President appeared on the MMA Hour and did his best not to answer any questions about CM Punk. Speaking after the interview, Helwani made his feelings on the conversation clear.

“He didn’t want to answer anything. You’re going to come on and promote X, Y, and Z, great. And I’ll play that dance with you. I did, at the beginning. But you got to give us something, to not even tell me how you were feeling.

I’m not asking for specifics, alright fine I am, but is Punk going to wrestle for you, is he coming back, you don’t want to get into it, fine. But tell me how you were feeling. Give me something.”

After Helwani appeared on the February 17th edition of SmackDown Khan decided to fire back. Posting on social media Khan branded the MMA journalist a “fraud.” Helwani then came back with a jab of his own branding Khan, “the snowman.” Khan sarcastically added, “good luck with the unbiased journalism.”

Michael Cole Fires Shot At Tony Khan

WWE has now seemingly also decided to get in on the act. On the Elimination pre-show when introducing Helwani, Peter Rosenberg said that he was “respected by anyone with intelligence.” Michael Cole then followed that on the main show introducing Helwani and MMA legend George St-Pierre, by noting that Helwani is “unbiased” adding that he “asks the tough questions whether you want to answer them or not.”