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Michael Cole Reveals He Has “65% Hearing Loss”

Michael Cole

SmackDown broadcaster and WWE veteran Michael Cole has revealed that he is suffering from considerable hearing loss and revealed the trick that helps keep him at the commentary desk.

Cole has been an integral part of WWE since he joined the company in 1995, working his way up from voiceovers to an on-screen role that eventually has seen him become the voice of WWE.

Michael Cole currently broadcasts on Friday nights on SmackDown on FOX alongside former Indianapolis Colt and would-be King Of NXT, Pat McAfee.

The long-time WWE announcer appeared on The Pat McAfee Show discussing his role in WWE as well as the sports news from the day. Returning from a commercial break, McAfee’s co-host asked what the two had discussed during the break for McAfee to reply:

“Mike Cole’s deaf, so he can’t hear a f*cking thing we say.”

Cole then confirmed McAfee’s assertion and says the talk during commercials was minimal:

“I’ve said three words to him in the three commercial breaks. That is true, I’m actually, like, 65 percent hearing loss.”

Michael Cole then explained how despite his significant hearing loss he is still able to broadcast every week wearing a headset:

“They make these special in-ear pieces that go underneath my headsets on-air so I can actually hear.”

Pat McAfee then commended Cole’s dedication to WWE and broadcasting and thinks the hearing loss is down to wearing that headset every week for over twenty years:

“I’m like, man, I appreciate your commitment to the entertainment, because that’s 100 percent because of you having a headset on for 25 years.”

h/t F4WOnline.com