Mia Yim’s Name Change Confirmed On WWE Raw, Meaning Behind New Name Explained

Mia Yim Michin

On November 7th, Mia Yim made her return to WWE after being released from the company last November, aligning herself with The OC in their fight against The Judgment Day. For weeks, The OC had been plagued with what they called the “Rhea Ripley problem,” alluding to the fact that Ripley regularly interferes in their matches and even showed incredible strength when she bodyslammed Luke Gallows. The group brought in Yim to even the odds, and the star has proven herself to also be an intimidating force.

Last week, after Yim successfully defeated Tamina in singles competition, the members of Damage CTRL invited her to join their team inside WarGames at WWE Survivor Series. Yim declined, and later in the episode, announced that she would instead be joining the babyface team of Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss. This led Rhea Ripley to declare that she’d be the fifth member of the heel team in order to face off against Yim.

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, a graphic aired to promote the women’s WarGames match, and fans noticed that Corey Graves used a different name to refer to Yim, calling her Michin. The star’s profile on WWE.com confirms that her name has indeed changed. While it’s not abnormal for the company to change stars’ names in order to hold their copyright, this practice has waned under Triple H’s new regime, with some stars such as Austin Theory and Matt Riddle reverting back to having both a first and last name.

Mia Yim Explained The Meaning Behind Choosing Michin As Her New Name

Taking to social media during WWE Raw, Michin explained how to pronounce her new name and explained that the name means “crazy” in Korean. The star is of both Black and Korean descent.

“미친 . Michin (Mee-chin). Crazy.”

Elsewhere on WWE Raw, it was announced that Seth Rollins will defend his United States Championship in a triple threat match against both Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley. Lashley is on a rampage to win back the title he lost to Rollins after being attacked by Brock Lesnar back in October, and while Theory is no longer a Money in the Bank contract holder, he also wants to regain the title he lost to Lashley back in May.

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