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Mia Yim Reveals Heartbreaking Text Sent To Her Dad Following WWE Release

Mia Yim WWE Text to Dad

Mia Yim has recalled her release from the WWE revealing that the first thing she did after finding out was send her dad a heartbreaking text apologising for failing him.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes own Liam Alexander-Stewart, former WWE Superstar Mia Yim would discuss her goals in wrestling in 2022 revealing that she has now achieved everything she ever wanted to do in wrestling.

“When I first started wrestling, I wrote down everything that I wanted to do. Go travel internationally, do Japan, sign a major contract, go to the WWE. Like to do pretty much everything and I’ve done it all. So I accomplished everything I wanted to in my career. My parents were against me wrestling when I first started, so the big thing for me was to kind of change their mindset and to have them be proud of everything that I’ve done in wrestling.”

Continuing, The HBIC would reveal that, following her release from the WWE in November of 2021, she would reach out to her dad via text and apologise for “failing” him and saying that she should have done better this time around.

“I remember a text message that I sent to my dad after I got released saying “I’m sorry that I failed you” and “I should have done better this time I’m 30.”

The Blasian Baddie would explain however that it was her dads reply and his kindness that helped her move on from her release and motivated her to get back into the ring again.

“He was like… “What are you talking about? Like you’ve accomplished so much and you weren’t even supposed to make it with what they were looking for, what they were hiring. You weren’t even supposed to get hired, but you made it happen.” He’s like, “I am proud of you for everything you’ve done.”

So I’m like, that’s all I needed. That’s all I needed to hear.”

Yim would conclude, revealing that being able to make her parents proud, help them financially and help the next generation of wrestler all whilst having fun is now her primary goal in wrestling.

“It goes such a long way, knowing that my dad is proud of me. During during the pandemic, I was able to financially help my mom. Like, I’ve done everything I wanted to with this career, where now I’m like I just want to have fun and have people remember me as me and to also help like the younger generation come up.

I noticed that some of the things have changed from like when the Sarah Del Rey’s, the Daisy Hayes’, the Daffney’s were all looking out for me and AK [Allison Kay] and Marti [Belle].

It’s different now. So I kind of want to keep that way going where it’s like, “Hey, you don’t have to backstab people.” But wrestling definitely changed me as a human.

You have the highs and then you have the lows and then you have like of course, the drama, the backstabbers, all that. But like it made me into a stronger person and much more mature.

I’m 33 now, so I’m just very I’m just riding the wave at this point.”

During the same interview Mia Yim would speak to Inside The Ropes about her upcoming Queen of the Mountain match, her struggles with anxiety and when she plans on hanging up her boots for the last time.

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